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Guild War System Analysis Empty Guild War System Analysis

Post by Kozirous on Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:26 am

At first, the system will be random arrange the guild team, all guilds participate in the guild war will be differentiate into Red Team and Blue Team, and undergoes the tournament with the guild points within one week.

Tournament will be differentiate into 5 types:

1. Dungeon
2. Fishing
3. Farming
4. Cooking
5. PVP & Achievement

16 guilds with highest points, will be selected, and then go for the 1st stage tournament. And then top 8, top 4, semi final and champion. The champion guild members will be awarded Guild war sets, other reward still remain a mystery.

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PS: To be rank as the top guild, still depend on the Guild war, those points only allowed your guild to join in top 16, cannot represent anything yet.

Let us continue about the top 16 blue team and red team.

Every player can see the result at the Guild war notice board which wil be release later.

The result will be related to Red Team vs Blue Team.

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If your guild got participate inside the guild war, the result will be show the result of your guild, and the award point your guild earned during the fight.

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Guild ranking got different type, of coz the guild who achieve the overall ranking no.1 will be the top guild.

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Beside guild ranking, DN also got personal ranking. Of coz if u achieve no.1 u will got the reward.

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Special Award is for those player who achieve the highest ranking at that day, so basically got 5 awards.

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Under the column "My result", u can check ur guild award points and special key.

System will send an email to ur character.

Guild War System Analysis 185647096926

Go inside the royal castle underground, u will see that that place got alot of royal chests, yes, this is the place for guild war, use the key to open up the chest.

Guild War System Analysis 185647096927

Let us check the royal chest can get what special items.

Guild War System Analysis 185647096928

Let us see the guild award points can exchange what items

Guild War System Analysis 185647096929

Cooking special book

Guild War System Analysis 185647096930

Guild War System Analysis 185647096931

High class diamond and high class ruby, used for making plate, enhancement for higher lvl.

Guild War System Analysis 185647096932

Guild War System Analysis 185647096933

High class code and revert cube used for higher level equipment.

Guild War System Analysis 185647096934

Guild War System Analysis 185647096935

Bishop material

Guild War System Analysis 185647096936

Epic level 50 material

We can exchange the items, but its limited, as in the bar it showed (0/1), so if u wana exchange again then win for the next guild war.

So a guild required active members, need to fishing, farming, achievement, dungeon, PVP all balance. This is what we called them as Top Guild.

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Guild War System Analysis Empty Re: Guild War System Analysis

Post by misaki on Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:38 pm

bila boleh dah guild war nie? waaaahhh ohsemnyaaa
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